Have you been charged with Drink Driving in Hurstville New South Wales?

Going to court for drink driving can be a daunting experience! You should not face the court alone, and you need us to represent you to ensure that you get the best possible result!

Why use Antwan Drink Driving Lawyers Hurstville?

1. We are experts in drink driving matters

Drink driving is a specialsed area of law. We have over 40 years of combined experience in representing clients, like you. We can assure you the best possible result from court.  We also are up to date with all the legislation and law and we know how to represent your case, no matter how bad you may think it is.

2. We have the experience and expertise

We have a history of achieving great results (including section 10’s) for our clients in all drink driving matters and in all ranges of prescribed alcohol content.  Whether you have been charged for high range, mid range or low range drink driving, our team of senior lawyers have decades of experience in these matters.  Unlike any other law firm in NSW, we have an entire practice in drink driving matters and travel all around Sydney and NSW to represent clients. No matter how bad your case may seem, we have the experience and the knowledge to deal with it and to give you peace of mind.

3. Expert support

We will be there for you throughout your case, guiding you on how to prepare your matter, what courses to complete and what references to obtain. We will check all your records and keep you informed on what to expect in your matter and we are only a phone call away.

4. Our costs are low

We are proud of our policy to charge fairly for our services, because we understand you have financial commitments and you need to get back on the road and get on with your life.

5. You don’t have to say a thing in court

We will prepare all the submissions and address the court so that you are not under any pressure at all. All you need to do, is turn up, and let us take care of the rest.

6. We have been around

We have appeared in almost every court in Sydney and NSW and we know what to expect from court, every time. We will advise you when an adjournment is necessary and why it is.

7. Maximising your result

We always look to maximise the result so that you are back on the road as quickly as possible. We always aim to obtain a Section 10 for our clients, and get them the best possible result.

8. We are professional at all times

We will return your calls promptly and we will be there for you throughout your case. You can also rest assured that your matter will be dealt with confidentially.

9. We speak your language

Over the years we have assisted many clients from non-English speaking backgrounds. We provide excellent interpreters for all of our non-English speaking clients. Whatever language you speak we will be able to help you.

10. An office near you

We have offices throughout Sydney, Newcastle, Central and Northern New South Wales.

We also attend country NSW clients by appointment.

11. We care

We understand that you are not a criminal and we will treat you with respect and dignity. We understand your case is unique and so are your needs, and we will ensure that the Court also are made aware of these, when we are representing you.

Please do not hesitate to “Call Us” for immediate professional advice